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I hold workshops concerning sustainable design. You can create beautiful an still practical things from used materials.

We use those materials either as a mold, a tool, or to pack our project in the end. There will always be at least one thing reused to create something new.

You will meet other creative people, inspire each other. You have the space to create an craft an in the end you don’t even have to clean up 🙂

Upcycling has a lot of faces – you can create your own cosmetics, build a wardrobe, create something with concrete or even sew your own notebook.

All tools and needed materials are waiting for you. You just bring the stuff, you normally would have thrown away.

You find each workshop description and a link to book your ticket at the bottom of this page.

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Concrete is the new material in interior design and decoration. You can build almost anything you can imagine. A candle holder, a book stand, a vase, jewelry or a planter. There are almost no limits. As sustainability is one of my main goals – we create the forms for the concrete from things, that you normally throw away. From yoghurt cups, to milk cartons, PET-bottles or cardboard packaging – you will collect what you find and together we will create something wonderful with that.

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Natural Cosmetics:

You will create from simple recipes and with only natural ingredients.Lip balm, body butter, bathing bombs, or peeling. You can choose from a collection of well sorted recipes and create something to treat yourself or make a wonderful personal gift. You collect old lotions cans, jelly glasses, or other nice boxes with lids to pack your wonderful creations. Everything else is already there and waiting for you.

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Book binding:

From old books, maps, calenders or even from an old piece of wood or a LP you can make wonderful book covers. You bring what you find and want to use for your new book. I will show you different book bindings types (japanese book binding, coptic binding and a long stich binding type). Then you create a new note book from A4 or A5 paper (all new papers are 100% recycled).

You can also create a book from your collected photos, or drawings ( therefor all the “pages” should already have the same size)

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You can also contact me for a special event. A birthday party, a bacherlorette party, team event, etc.. you name it!  Just contact me an we will find the best solution together!